Jul 8, 2006

GA. state legislators trying to circumvent Voting Rights Act?

The Republican state legislators are..their second attempt to require citizens of GA. to obtain and present a state-issued ID card when voting has been shot down again by Fulton County Superior Court judge Melvin K. Westmoreland.

The fucktards have vowed to keep at it. I just love this quote from GA. Governor Sonny Perdue: "The sad fact is that dead people have cast votes in Georgia and — before this law is implemented — there was no way to tell how many deceased voters, felons or even illegal aliens may have been casting ballots in Georgia elections,"-Governor Perdue is a Repube.

I am sure that thousands of felons,illegal aliens and dead people are lining up to vote. I just know it..don't you,my dear reader? The temporary restraining order was at the request of former Democratic Governor Roy Barnes who stated this law would make it harder on the poor, the elderly and the minority community to vote.

The law also faces a challenge in federal court, where a consortium of voter rights groups have sued on the grounds that it also violates the United States Constitution. Its first version required voters to have a driver's license or other government ID, or to buy a special state card.

Forcing voters to purchase a special state Id card is bullshit..and the law was shot down in October by a federal judge. But as I said, the bastards have vowed to keep trying different versions of the same bill until some judge somewhere buys it.

To read the entire NYT writeup on this horseshit, the link is here.

Speaking of the U.S. Voting Rights Act...the Repubes still refuse to deal with it..bastards all.



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