Jul 19, 2006

How does bombing Beirut weaken Hezbollah?

I would really like someone to explain it to me. I fail to see how bombing the biggest city ON THE CENTRAL COAST in Lebanon does a damn thing to Hezbollah who's forces are in the SOUTHERN BORDER region of Lebanon. You don't need a map to figure out..It doesn't.

The UN has estimated that over half a million Lebanese have left their homes to escape the bombings.

The Shrub has followed Israel's request to sit back and let them do their "thing". Isn't that nice of him, god he is SO accommodating isn't he? Iran is posturing too. Syria keeps sending rockets and bombs to Hezbollah. Israel keeps repeating their mantra"We are only protecting ourselves".

Its the children's deaths that fill me with horror and sadness. The innocent children playing in the water that were hit by an Israeli rocket, to name one example. How can any government justify killing children?

They can not. The children are just collateral damage in this religious war. Both sides are monsters, trying to play the victim.

The only victims in this bullshit are the children and their families. Young lives snuffed out in the name of GOD. What God is this that favors bombs over dialogue? Who has the fucking balls to justify taking innocent lives in the name of GOD? Who are the sick bastards that wage senseless wars in the name of God?

May God have mercy on your worthless souls, you leaders of this latest "fresh hell". But I pray that he won't be merciful. I pray that he will give you the eternity you deserve when your life is over and you stand before him. I hope every single one of their "GODS" show no mercy to these men that hold so little regard for human life.

And I hope its alot sooner than you think, you worthless bastards of death and destruction in the name of GOD.

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