Jul 9, 2006

Katina + 11 months..the people of St. Bernard Parish on the 4th

These residents have been locked and fenced out of their homes. Perfectly good homes that weathered the beating of Katrina with minimal damage. The top two floors are inhabitable.

They are however, the projects.. home to the poor, mostly black and the unimportant. The parish government wants this property for a golf course. There are 1400 units, most of which are inhabitable. These residents will stop at nothing to get back into their homes, including tearing down the fences...storming the gates.

Watch this video from TruthOuts Chris Hume. See the power of the People, the poor people. Why can't the comfortable, middle class people be activists like these folks?

Because they are still comfortable and middle class. Its time to afflict the comfortable. Turn them into activists. Its the only way to take back our government from the corporate shills.

Make them activists in the voting booth, everyone's future depends on it.

Today's Photo..er..Graphic..ok, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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