Jul 9, 2006

The tunnel attack that wasn't really there to begin with.

I questioned the whole timing of the announcement regarding the Holland Tunnel plot. To me, it smacked of political posturing by the Shrub and his pals to hold up a prize of sorts, to show they are actually doing something with all the information they are gleaning from their data mining trips through American's lives. Or, at the very least, a weak-ass attempt to make it look like the guys getting paid to actually FIND terrorists and/or OBL and his best bud Zarqawi were earning their paychecks.

Well, it seems that perhaps it was just a grandstanding exercise in bullshitting the American public. I give you this information gleaned from the "internet" and you tell me:

The alledged ringleader of this grand plan has been jailed for three months in Lebanon. He was picked up at the request of the FBI. The internet chat room was a Jihadist chat room..geez..no surprize there that they were talking about bombing places in the US..thats what jihad terrorists do,right? None of the "plotters" were living in the US, nor were they citizens of the US. The boyz over at the federal building have known about these guys for over a year..yet, and this one really bothers me, they didn't step up security at the tunnels until this week, after the "announcement" of the "plot".-I call "shenanigans" on this shit right now sportsfans.

The terrorists, and I use that word loosely..had no training, no funding and didn't even KNOW each other. They were just sitting around their computers bitching in a friggin chatroom about the US and how they would love to bomb the shit out of something and evidently themselves in the process.

Perhaps they were horny and looking forward to getting their virgins in heaven?

RawStory has an interview with former CIA officer Phillip Giraldi about this thing and he says, and I quote from the RawStory article: “three of whom have already been arrested in Lebanon and elsewhere - are indeed extremists," their online chatter is considerably overblown by allegations of an actual plot." another quote from Mr. Giraldi in the RS article: “They are not professionally trained terrorists, however, and had no resources with which to carry out the operation they discussed," Giraldi added. "Despite press reports that they had asked Abu Musab Zarqawi for assistance, there is no information to confirm that. It is known that the members discussed the possibility of approaching Zarqawi but none of them knew him or had any access to him.”

The best part of the RS article,for me, is this snippet: "Two other intelligence officials with experience in the field on extremist operations concurred--and expressed concern that what could have been an operation to eventually track known extremists (should they eventually make actual contact with funds and training,) seems to have been exposed for political gain."

No shit? What was your first clue gents? It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But it did take a few assholes in the government to blow this out of context, and go "public" with it, possibly screwing up any leads that could of been gained by keeping their pieholes shut and just let the tinfoil-hat wearing clowns in the Jihad chat room keep running THEIR yaps.



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