Aug 13, 2006

Lets outsource all our Security needs!!!

CorpWatch sent my weekly email. I opened it with anticipation of what new,exciting and utterly outrageous bullshit someone was pulling on us in the name of God and Country.

I wasn't disappointed my dear reader.

I discovered that fine government contractor, L-3 aka Level 3, has been providing the Feds with a 300-person intelligence support operation in Chantilly VA. According to the article "Government Services Incorporated (GSI) supplies staff for an operation that spreads over 22 military bases in the Middle East."

Now, I wasn't aware that our Federal Fuckwits were farming out our intellgience needs to that extreme. I thought the CIA, NSA and a host of military intelligence departments in the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy were doing the heavy lifting.

Apparently not. According to CorpWatch this is a birds-eye view into L-3 and its subsidiaries: "Walk through the entrance and to the left of the reception desk, next to a glass case showcasing electronic surveillance gear, is an announcement congratulating employees on winning a $426.5 million intelligence contract from the Pentagon last year.

GSI is a major subsidiary of L-3 Communications, a Fortune 500 company. Retired Lieutenant General Paul Cerjan took GSI's helm in May, after spending a year running Halliburton 's multi-billion dollar military logistics contract in Iraq and around the world.

GSI is only one of several L-3 subsidiaries enjoying the Bush administration's largesse. On March 10, Titan won a no-bid contract worth $840 million over 12 months to supply translators for intelligence and regular military operations in the "global war on terror." Yet another L-3 subsidiary, MPRI, manages the recruitment of U.S. military advisors to key Iraqi ministries such as defense and interior."

Nice..a Halliburton alumn that knows, first hand, how to screw the Government out of major cash. Why not hire the best when your looking to hose the Feds, right? part that just blew my little mind was this snippet, follow me here: "The government is desperate for qualified interrogators and intelligence analysts so they are turning to industry," says Bill Golden who now runs, one of the biggest intelligence employment websites in the business. "Over half of the qualified counter-intelligence experts in the field work for contractors like L-3."

Why are the "qualified counter-intelligence" folks working OUTSIDE the federal government? Just curious..aren't you? What do we have running around in the halls of intelligence known as the CIA and NSA? Mentally challenged boys and girls? Are they hiring the handicapped over there now? Its a sweet gesture, but for the love of lingerie..shouldn't the Fed's keep this kind of stuff inside the government and not outside of it?

I guess not, because this part of the writeup caught my eye next: "Over the last five years, the Pentagon, in an apparent turf war with the CIA, has been expanding its intelligence work and relying increasingly and heavily on private contractors. Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Stephen Cambone, for example, created a new high-level office where 100 private contractors work with 130 government employees to oversee domestic counterintelligence, long-range threat planning, and budgeting for new technologies."

A turf war..wonderful. These guys are having a pissing contest on OUR DIME? By that, I mean our tax dollars. The other nice bit of info was that Rummy has a case of the ass against the Pentagon and is treating them like the proverbial know..keeping them in the dark and fertilizing them with bullshit.

Well, I started getting the vapors right about then and had to stop reading and go take my tranquilizer. Ah hell, I took two for good measure, my heart was just going batshit crazy. I wanted to know why in the blue hell we were privatizing military intelligence so I went back to my computer screen and continued reading...

"The military intelligence bureaucracy is incompetent; many intelligence general officers are mere bureaucrats who are incapable of dealing with real world intelligence problems. Also, many of them are so wrapped up in their own careers that they are afraid to do anything that might be controversial and won't think outside the box,"

Who is this guy talking bumpkus about my favorite oxymoron, "military intelligence"? Why it was none other than W. Patrick Lang, the former head of the Defense Intel Agency. If your not familiar with Pat, he wrote the article "Drinking the Kool-Aid" and Wiki has a nice writeup about him here. Patrick is such a nice man, to still have an interest in our safety, don't you think? Not that he's not making a killing cash-wise..don't kid yourself my dear reader.

The background on L-3 is short and sweet. That's because they have only been around for 10 years. They are a real good pick for the Feds too, because they are keenly aware of how to screw the government without even kissing them first. Put your baby blues on this blurb:

"In April 2005, the Pentagon placed L-3 subsidiary Interstate Electronics Corporation under criminal investigation for concealing test failures and providing flawed parts for emergency radios used by Special Forces and Air Force teams in Iraq and elsewhere. The investigation is ongoing." Then there was that nasty investigation about those camera's they sold us for the border that didn't work.

Why hell, whats $200 Million between friends? Add to that the $426.5 million they are getting for the Iraq Intel contract.AND the $840 mil NO BID contract for Titan...and what do you have?

You tell me, I am busy being pissed off at our government for outsourcing our security to money-changers who would rather make a buck than keep us safe.I am wondering why L-3 visits my blog all the my stuff THAT good?

Another point should be made that our esteemed for AG John (american idol wannabe) Ashcroft is now shilling for these types of entreprenuers AND investing in them..He is teaching them all how to navigate the winding roads that lead to lots of money in the halls of intelligence within the Federal Govenment..the write up at WaPo is here. As the WaPo article states: "Privacy experts and civil libertarians, who battled Ashcroft's policies to enlarge surveillance powers, warned that the types of businesses promoted by the former attorney general and other lobbyists are fast becoming a de facto branch of the government, beyond traditional oversight. They question whether the security offered by these firms, some of which specialize in analysis of government and private data, is balanced by adequate protection for civil liberties."--this isn't a good thing...The Federal Government, by its OWN account(Ofc.of Management & Budget) will spend over 60 BILLION bucks outsourcing Security in 2007.

We don't need a "defacto" branch of our government..we already have one..its called the Bush Administration.


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