Aug 11, 2006

Where economics meets religious fundamentalism

The title of this post has been filched from an OpEd piece in the SF Chronicle today. The author brings up many logical points with regard to faith-based fundi's. The piece starts with an explanation of fundi's and faith: "They cannot be reasoned with, bargained with or talked sense to no matter how destructive their actions are. Why? Because they are governed not by fact, but entirely by faith -- a concept the American Heritage dictionary defines as "belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.""

Ain't that the truth..

But the piece isn't talking about religious fundi's in the traditional sense..Oh no my dear reader, he speaks about the economic "faith-based" fundamentalists, or has he likes to refer to them: the
"free" traders. The free-traders who are enamored with all those lovely pacts our government entered into such as the ones with Mexico, China and Central America. The result of this trade policy is the explosion of corporate profits and executive salaries.

But the workers are taking it in the shorts...
Sirota takes to task the free-traders for the resulting "job outsourcing, trade deficits and the simultaneous destruction of workers' wages, benefits and job security".

Out-sourcing..that dirty little word that slams fear into the hearts and minds of all employees. Wages aren't keeping up with inflation and the rising costs of health insurance, energy, interest rates..all these rising costs and wages aren't keeping up..and in some cases..the wages and the jobs dry up and move off shore.

"Take stagnating wages. Just months after government data showed that workers wages as a share of national income are approaching a 40-year low , Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson declared that low pay and inequality in America is now "simply an economic reality" that cannot be changed. This reality, he added, has nothing to do with specific policy decisions such as the refusal by U.S. officials to include wage protections in America's trade deals. No, as Paulson said devoutly, it is all just a result of natural "U.S. integration with the global economy."

The free-traders will have you believe its the cost of doing business, that its too bad, suck it up and deal with it..if your wages arent' keeping up with the cost of living your life,without having to "tighten that belt". One of those most holy of the free-traders, Michael Cox, said this recently about the inability of wages to keep up with the rising cost of living:
"Workers "who want to live in high-priced cities can work two jobs," said Michael Cox, a top Federal Reserve economist. He cynically labeled this let-them-eat-cake-ism "portfolio diversification in your income."

Well, that isn't nice dude. I think Mr. Cox rather enjoys his lifestyle, and we all should be able to maintain our lifestyle if we tow the line, work hard and play by the rules...So to Mr. Cox I say a hearty "Fuck You Matey". All cities are high-fucking-priced, Your logic sucks dude. Ah, but its part of your belief system isn't it Mr.Cox? Faith in the Free trade system working...but it isn't at the people level..only at the corporate level.

All economic fundi's aren't republican..this is a fair and balanced piece. The article also rips into Clinton's go-to money guy,
Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. Basically his logic is the same as Repube-loving Mr. Cox, that is we can do nothing about the wage disparity..suck it up and deal..Free Trade is a good thing.

Corporate profits should not rise while the cost of living your life goes up..the word "disparity" floats across my mind at this about yours?

So, in closing..I would like to tell you to keep the faith my dear reader. If your not so inclined, then read the rest of Sirota's piece here, let your elected officials know your on to them and vote the sumbitches, that support this one-sided bullshit, out of office this November..including the incumbents who always love anything that says "Free Trade" in the document.


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