Aug 11, 2006

Privatization of Social Security..whos dumb idea is this?

As this article on points out, the Shrub announced before he was even sworn in for his second term that Privatizing SS would be his “number one domestic priority”. We have people that can not make ends meet, but this Social Security crappola is his number "1" priority?

Is this man and his buddies drinking the Kool Aid or mainlining it?

Over 60% of people polled rejected the privatization of Social Security after the Dem's and Bush went head to head for 10 months. All the Dems(except Lieberman) and a few Repubes said "hell no" and the Shrub dropped the subject. Until now..

The Asshat-in-Chief has reopened this can of worms. In a June speech to a Repube Think Tank he stated he would try every year until he leaves office to pass the measure. Holy fuckamoly..we will have to deal with it until he is impeached or his clock runs out. A telling fact about the cost of privatizing contained in the TomPaine article:

"He has backed up his words with actions, such as sending to Congress a budget request for $721 billion over the next 10 years to begin private accounts (unintentionally demonstrating the tremendous costs, estimated at $2 trillion in total, to our government to privatize the system)."

Ah you bastard..the vast majority of americans have already said no..but you will continue to hammer this sucker through anyway? The Fuckwits in the House Leadership..(read the head Repubes)..have promised to also try and slide this shit through. Why do all these Repubes have such a hard-on for privatizing this?

Because they are all ass-kissing banking/financing big business interests or have a vested, personal interest in financial institutions..Don't kid yourself, they have no other reason to trumpet this program even after the public has spoken. It will only serve individuals in higher income brackets. The program will not save taxpayers money, it will cost them in the long and short haul. The fact that people could lose their shirts is a distinct possibility if they don't know what they are doing such as the lower income, less educated bracket of workers. We have a far greater chance of going bankrupt based on the occupation of Iraq than we do because of Social Security at this point in our country's life.

You can put lipstick on that pig gents..but its still a pig. Why don't you worry about minimum wage, finding Osama, getting the hell out of Iraq and a host of other real problems..ok? You carpet-bagging sumbitches.

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