Aug 11, 2006

David Sirota debates Trashcan Ann Coulter on CNBC @ 5 est

EDIT: If you missed this, here and here are links to watch it online. Trashcan Annie wasn't her usual bullshit spewing self. Perhaps she had a formidable opponet?

From an email I got today from David, tune in if you can. Davids book "Hostile Takeover" is a must read for anyone that wants to be informed and take back our nation from big business special interests:

Debating Ann Coulter at 5:00PM EST on CNBC

I'm going to be appearing on Kudlow's CNBC show today at 5:00pm EST to debate Ann Coulter. The topic is the Lieberman-Lamont race, and its implications on the national security debate. Coulter, as you may know, champions herself as a "tough on national security" conservative - even while calling for the bombing of buildings in American cities. I'm betting that she'll be shilling for Lieberman, claiming like him that a vote for Lamont is a vote for the terrorists, and regurgitating the RNC's talking point that - when the gauzy rhetoric is stripped away - essentially declares that the more Americans die in Iraq, the better the Iraq War is going. Tune in if you have time - and here's a request: if anyone can YouTube it, I'd really appreciate it.


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