Aug 7, 2006

This years pork totals to date: $64 Billion

Thats with a "B"..lots of it eh? The 12,000 "earmarks" total so far this congressional year..and its not over yet boys and girls..They will be back in September to finish the session...god love the lil bastards.

Bet me they don't jam through a shit-load of other special interest bills and favors before they wish us a Merry Christmas.

Brent Wilkes, that slimy lil sumbitch who shucked and jived his way into the hall of shame by being part of the Duke Cunningham free-for-all has a "how-to" manual up over on the NYT site.

It should be noted that Mr. Wilkes maintains his innocence. He blames other people for dragging him kicking and screaming into the world of lobby and graft and corruption.

poor guy. I do hope he gets to see the inside of a jail cell if charged and convicted.Remember not all the corporate favors granted by our elected officials are pork. They actually have the nads to pass some of those favors as bills all by the Bankruptcy Bill.

Joe Lieberman hosed over the taxpayer as pointed out to me by Reality-based Educator on another post. That, along with many other reasons are enough to vote Joe's ragged ass into Retirement tomorrow. Friends don't let friends vote Lieberman. Tell the Dem's its time they get their shit together too...

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