Sep 19, 2006

2000 strong, Protesters mobilize at UN prior to Bush's speech

Rueters has a story up about todays protest at the UN. A half hour before the Shrub spoke to the general assembly, at what is billed as his "annual" address. The picture on the left is from todays rally and protest. There were roughly 2000 protesters chanting "Peace can work, no more war". Not a bad turnout for a workday and the middle of the day. There will be a National Day of Protest on Oct. 5th., for information on whether a rally and protest will be held in your city, you can go to the World Can't Wait website. Todays action was put on by the United for Peace and Justice group. Be a part of the mass day of resistance to drive out the Bush Regime..and works if we all speak as one voice and mobilize together. End the War in Iraq, get our soldiers out now!

As for the Shrub's speech today, Slate has a writeup about what he said..which boils down to nothing new..he said the same bs that he has been saying all along..only he took 25 minutes to say it in front of the UN General Assembly. So basically, its was the same shit just a different day and location. But...there was this, which he directed to the "people" of Iran: "We're working toward a diplomatic solution to the crisis. And as we do, we look to the day when you can live in freedom."--excuse me, but didn't Iran elect the current President? Last time I checked, that means they are free jackass. Freedom doesn not always mean what the Shrub is trying to sell. As the Slate article points out about Bush's message to Iran:

"Bush revealed in those two sentences his utter lack of interest in a diplomatic solution. Why would Iran's leaders--why would any nation's leaders--take seriously any offer or inducement from a president who, in one breath, endorses sitting down for talks and, in the next breath, calls on their people to rise up and overthrow them?"

I suggest you read their writeup..I am getting ill just trying to write about it.

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