Sep 13, 2006

And if you need any more proof that civil war is alive and well in Iraq

I give you this article. The Sunni's and Shia's are torturing and killing each other in record numbers. 65 bodies of men that were tortured found in and around ONE day. This quote from the writeup:

"Shiite political groups, including those in power, claim that armed militias have nothing to do with them and that their own military wings were disarmed months ago and turned into social and humanitarian groups. They claim that armed groups and militias are "rogue" elements beyond their control, but many Sunni Arabs contend that they are in fact controlled by Shiite politicians and clerics."--If you buy that..I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya, my dear reader.

Another gory, sickening quote from the writeup:

"Police said 60 of the bodies were found overnight around Baghdad, with the majority dumped in predominantly Sunni Arab neighborhoods. All the bodies were bound, bore signs of torture and had been shot, police said. Such killings are usually the work of death squads who kidnap people and usually torture them with power drills, or beat them, before shooting them execution-style with a bullet to the head."

Don't you just love watching our tax dollars at work, bringing Democracy to the Middle East...GET US OUT OF IRAQ NOW MUTHAFUCKAS!

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