Sep 14, 2006

California vote YES on Prop 89

Big oil, drug companies, insurers, and HMOs give millions to legislators, costing taxpayers billions in special interest giveaways and cutting voters out of the loop.

Proposition 89, The Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, puts us in charge of elections, not big money special interests. Candidates who build a coalition of $5 donors and refuse special interest money get Clean Money public financing, leveling the playing field so elections are about ideas not money.

Prop 89 ends the fundraising madness with constitutional limits so regular voters aren’t drowned out by big money.

  • Bans contributions from lobbyists and state contractors
  • Limits contributions from corporations, unions, and individuals to state candidates
  • Limits corporation donations to initiatives to $10,000

Prop 89 levels the playing field so new candidates can win on their ideas, not because of the money they raise.

  • Candidates who agree to spending limits and to take no private contributions qualify for public funding
  • $5 contributions from voters required to prove viability
  • Clean candidates receive enough to run competitive campaigns. They can't raise money beyond public funds

Prop 89 stops candidates from hiding behind negative ads and punishes politicians who violate the law.

  • Makes wealthy self-funded candidates disclose the amount of personal funds they will spend
  • Publicly financed candidates must engage in debates
  • Imposes mandatory jail time and provides for removal from office of candidates who break the law.

Click on the picture to go to the YES on Prop 89 website.

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