Sep 14, 2006

Senate Armed Services Committee tells Bush thanks but no thanks

4 of the panel's 13 Repubs joined the 11 Democrats in rejecting Bush's proposal which would keep defendants from seeing classified information that would be used against them. The NYT has the writeup here.

Can I get an amen brotha's and sista's?

The House's version of the same committee rubber stamped the Shrub's version of the bill. Like this is friggin news..

Colin Powell spoke out through a letter to Sen. John McCain: “The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism,"*snip* “Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk,”--as you recall, dear reader, McCain was a POW. The man knows first hand what torture is and what it accomplishes..notta friggin thing. The Repubes that stood with the Dems are:

Sen. John McCain
Sen. John Warner
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham
Sen. Susan E. Collins

The measure that the panel endorsed and sent to the Senate floor would let suspects see evidence against them and would bar statements obtained through torture or coercion. Now, I am sure that the right will call these four individuals "turncoats".

Screw anyone that advocates torture and the removal of due process for crimes that, if found guilty, could result in execution or a life in prison.

The last paragraph was a topper, for me: "Today, just before the armed forces panel met, Mr. Graham said, “We are not going to win the war by killing every terrorist with a bomb or bullet,” according to Bloomberg News. “You win the war by persuading those people in the Mideast to reject terrorism.” Mr. Graham is an authority on military law."-It echoes MY battlecry,that you can not kill a thought,belief or idea with bombs or bullets.

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