Sep 27, 2006

Is Kip Hawley an Idiot? Even if you think so..don't write it on a plastic bag in Milwaukee's airport.

I belong to a forum called Bring it On. There is a story up over there today about a frequent flyer, who was tired of the extra rules regarding liquids being carried on. He is not just some kid, he is a business person that seems intelligent and I do have to agree with him, it was his opinion,written on a clear plastic bag...nothing more. why are they busting our chops over this stuff. have to read his story. Its here.Its a short story..take your time..I will wait...

For me, its not so much that the airport employee had the nads to say his "freedom of speech" ended when he entered the airport, its the fact that the flyer was "detained". They chose to harass him because he didn't like the rules and voiced his opinion of them.

He didnt' scream about a hijacking, he didnt' have anything written about a bomb..he wrote that the head of the TSA was an idiot. We can carry placards saying any official is an idiot.Its not the same as screaming "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater now is it? It was an opinion, written on a clear plastic bag..which btw..they wanted to confiscate.. the EMPTY bag, not the contents.

Feel free to post this link on your blog, my dear shows the length morons will go to give you a hard time when you think the "new rules" are a waste of time, and you evidently have no right to complain. Hey, even the Wonkette is posting about this story!

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