Sep 26, 2006

VA's George Allen..sexist? You decide..

Slate does a blog roundup at the end of the day, covering the blogs that covered the major stories. Today it was about Virginia's George Allen and his purported use of the "N word". Apparently WaPo searched long and hard to find friends and acquaintences that could recall Allen's use of this disgusting term. Out of the 19 people they interviewed, they found 3 that would corroborate Allen's use of the word. I don't know alot about Allen the Senator, but I do know about his daddy. Daddy talked down to people and if you didn't agree with him or dared to question him he went off like a roman candle at press conferences while coaching the Rams before their move eastward. But I digress, this isn't about George Allen, the coach.

George Allen the Senator from the commonwealth of VA is also a dick. And homophobic,racist(macaca) and a sexist sumbitch. I say this because one of the blogs Slate highlighted was a DailyKos blogger by the name of CoolWaterOverStones. She had the displeasure of meeting and attempting to ask Allen the then Governor of VA, a couple of questions when she was a cub reporter for a small town in VA. The title of her piece over on Kos: George Allen spit at me.

Now, I just had to read that blog post..the title did its job, it drove me to click the link and read it. She starts the post with a little history of herself as a young reporter sent out to cover a story about the Governor of the State coming to town to tout a major defense contract that would provide jobs to this little town. She realized she was the only woman in attendance, but that didn't bother her..and it shouldn't right? She was very excited and listened as Allen spoke, never mentioning the new jobs coming to their town, just shucking and joshing with the menfolk as he took out his smokeless tobacco and put a large pull into his jaw. He ended his short and uneventful visit with the workers and town folks standing around and started towards a building with his buddies. She needed to ask a question, to get some kind of quote about the new jobs coming to town, so she went towards him. She had her press badge, her pen and notebook and she asked him a question.

Georgie Allen sized her up and down..and then spit tobacco juice on her shoe, and without saying a word or answering her question...the sumbitch walked into the building.

Read her post, think about it. Do you want a bag of batshit like Allen as President? We have a cocky, worthless, homophobic sumbitch sitting in the oval office now. We don't need another one to whom we can also add racist and sexist to his title. We don't need another rich boy sitting in the oval office, especially one that has no respect for people, female or otherwise.

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