Sep 9, 2006

The Secret Prisons aren't going over too well in Europe

The new German Chancellor Anglea Merkel has tried to repair relations with the US since she took office. She has talked with several of our leaders, including the Shrub and Condo. But she came out publicly this week and stated we are a real bunch of whackjobs to think people will sit by and let us continue to deny people due process and basic human rights.

You know she's least I know she is right. According to this article she said the following: "(Instead) we must find answers to how we can combat terrorists effectively without calling our fundamental principles and beliefs in question,"--thats my view, we can not stoop to their level to deal with the issues and problems. We need transparency more than ever and our current administration gives us the opposite. We need to show we are not above the law in dealing with the terrorists, the scum of the earth.

All of Europe is now clamoring to know if any of the secret prisons were allowed within their borders..this could backlash against the current and former leaders of some major countries across the big pond. The Shrub did say our secret prisons were there with the knowledge of the countries leadership. An article in the Boston Globe quotes the foreign policy head of the EU as being highly pissed: ``We cannot condone the existence of secret prisons," said Javier Solana. The head of Spain, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero had this to say in the same article: ``The fight against terrorism can only be done through democracy and respect for the law ."

There was a lone approving voice in the midst..the Australian government stood up for Bush's secret prison policy: ``A great deal has been achieved through these kinds of programs," Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer told Parliament.

I am with the majority on this..secret prisons are illegal and make us appear as evil as the terrrorists themselves.

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