Oct 18, 2006

2 Hrs. after Mil.Comm. Bill signed, Justice Dept goes to work..

By work, I mean they started moving to throw out dozens of lawsuits filed by suspected terrorists.

Isn't this some shit my dear reader? The justice department sure didn't let any moss grow under their feet. As the LAT writeup states; "The law is bound to generate new and contentious legal challenges that probably will leave U.S. policies on detainees in an uncertain state. In addition to the request to throw out lawsuits by detainees seeking to have their day in court, judges will be asked to decide new legal questions about the fairness of the tribunal process. Both issues may end up before the Supreme Court."

Now, about the Supreme Court....that gaggle of black robed individuals, has already stated, in Hamdan v Rumsfeld, that as long as congress passed a bill and the Shrub signed it..then everything the Shrub wanted would probably be legal. Does that make you warm and fuzzy? Not moi, my dear reader.No way no how..

Because, there are new rules with this new law. Rules you can read yourself here, if your so inspired. I have run through it on several occasions..like when it was 3am and I couldn't sleep.

What sticks in my mind from yesterdays signing, is the party atmosphere of the fuckwits attending the signing ceremony. What pissed me off was Denny fatboy Hasterts remark: "The Democratic plan would gingerly pamper the terrorists who plan to destroy innocent Americans' lives,"

Screw you Hastert, you worthless bag of sheepshit. Providing due process doesn't pamper anyones ass. It provides the utmost efforts to secure a fair trial for those who have been accused of the most heinous crimes against our nation.

So, even though the boys over at the Justice Dept were ferverishly working to deny due process to dozens of incarcerated individuals at Gitmo...the men who represent said people were also working. Lawyers for the detainees responded with their own filings Tuesday, requesting time to present legal arguments that the new law violated the Constitution.

Come on..lets all say it together..Due Process isn't dead..its sitting in Gitmo, hoping the Supremes bitchslap the Shrub and his minions again, real soon. Don't drag this out another couple years. People who are rotting away in jail cells are depending on you guys to protect Habeus Corpus and everything else the Shrub is trying to kill with this friggin law.

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