Oct 19, 2006

Susan Dudley another Bush Nominee we cant afford.

Good ol' Susan Dudley..you arent familiar with her name? Neither was I until an email this morning from OMB Watch.

A Senate committee hearing on Dudley's nomination to run the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) is scheduling for Nov. 13, the first day the Senate returns after elections. Ms. Dudley is probably a very nice person..but she isn't what we need as far as a regulatory czar. Here are some of the reasons pointed out why Ms. Dudley, an extremist from an industry-funded think tank, to oversee all of our government's regulatory policy sucks:
  • Opposed EPA's attempts to keep arsenic out of drinking water and enforce lower levels of disease-causing smog;
  • Questioned life-saving air bag regulations and the Department of Transportation's hours-of-service rules to keep sleep-deprived truck drivers off the roads;
  • Has standards that would make it nearly impossible for agencies to justify public health, safety, civil rights, environmental, or other public interest protections - a special interest dream come true;
  • Supports regulatory sunsets that force agencies to stop everything and re-justify the need for every rule on the books; and
  • Is viewed as extreme even by her conservative colleagues.
My personal favorite on Ms. Dudley is this: Dudley has called for such radical policies as regulatory "sunsets," or drop-dead dates by which agencies would be forced to review all the rules on the books and re-establish the need for them (even such proven protections as the ban on lead in gasoline), or else the safeguards would be erased. She has also called for the distortion of safety-first laws such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Mine Safety and Health Act, which forbid the use of bean-counting cost-benefit analysis as the dispositive test for public protections. This proposal is especially troubling given that the Mine Safety and Health Administration is currently working on new protections for miners, which Congress required after the fatal mine tragedy in Sago.

Talk about wasting some more tax money. Come on Susan, get a friggin grip, we don't need to review every friggin law or rule and justify its existance. I am sure there are laws and rules that are archaic and no longer needed. But the good ones far outweigh the bad ones I bet. Susan's merely trying to protect the corporate business interests she has spent years fighting for at the public's expense.

Don't let the Shrub shove another business interest fuckwit into a position of authority within the federal government. Dudley has spent the last several years as a mouthpiece for corporate special interests at the industry-funded think tank Mercatus Center. There, she penned regulatory comments attacking proposed safeguards and coordinated industry demands for regulatory rollbacks. OIRA has already set itself up as one-stop shopping for corporate special interests seeking to stall, weaken, or eliminate regulatory safeguards; Dudley would take that role to new extremes.

Tell your elected representatives your against Susan Dudleys appointment. Tell them here. Tell them and everyone else you know what a bag of batshit this woman's appointment to a government position would be. Stop Susan Dudley and the Bush Corporate Policy bs. Clean air,water and public&employee safeguards aren't something to take lightly. They are not something to mess with, when the only reason to change them would serve corporate interests under Susan Dudley's leadership.

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