Oct 23, 2006

California's Prop 90 is not what is says it is.

The folks backing Prop. 90 have their own self-interests at stake if this proposition passes. It's worded to sound as if it protects and reforms eminent domain. It does neither according to a Working Assets/Act for Change newsletter:

"The way Prop. 90 works is simple. Anytime our government wants to protect open space, prevent an inappropriate development, save an old growth forest, or restrict offshore oil drilling, Prop. 90 would empower hordes of people to sue the government and collect compensation if they feel their properties, businesses or any potential future profits have been compromised."

These propositions have been making the rounds all over the United States. They are paid for by land developers and big corporate interests. On the other hand, these are the groups that are fighting against the passage of Prop. 90:

Homeowners. Small businesses. Farmers. Environmentalists. Teachers. Taxpayer watchdog groups. Businesses. Organized labor. Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Public safety Officials. Civil rights groups. More than 200 of California's most well-respected and leading organizations are all united in their strong opposition to Prop. 90.

The Bait:Prohibits use of eminent domain unless the property acquired is owned and occupied by a governmental agency. This provision is the bait in the taxpayer trap. Everyone agrees some reform is needed, but Prop. 90 goes beyond reform and would prevent construction of new schools, transit systems, infrastructure and parks.

Don't buy into the hype. Read the small print, and look at who is supporting Prop 90 before you vote. Check out the fact sheet on the Vote No on 90 website here.

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