Oct 23, 2006

Enron's CEO Skilling gets 24 years

Since Jeffrey is in his early 50's..that is basically a life sentence. Perhaps the thought of spending the rest of his natural life in prison is what drove Jeffrey Skilling to get his second drunkenness charge since the fall of Enron.

Putting Skilling behind bars for 24 years and making restitution of 50 Million to the people who lost their savings wont put much of a dent in the debacle that was Enron. It won't bring back my friend who died in a car accident as a result of the friggin daily blackouts when Enron was pushing up the price and availablity of energy to Californians. Putting Skillings worthless ass behind bars won't give too many people solace.

But the government calls it a victory. The real victory was the law passed to prevent this kind of problem, the Sarbanes-Oxley law which provides more oversight on how big corporations are audited. The foxes will hopefully no longer run the henhouse.

And we all paid a price..at least every Californian, every investor, everyone associated with Enron. The worst part is this:

Skilling still refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

As the CEO, he was the topdog. Who does he plan to blame for this horrible fiasco? We will have to wait and see, because it is a sure thing that Jeffrey Skilling will not go quietly into that prison cell. He will take this all the way to the Supreme Court..thats one thing you can take to the bank.

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