Oct 20, 2006

Orange Country candidate is disowned by his own party for racist,illegal letter.

Karl Rove would of been proud, except the racist, scare tactic letter sent to Hispanics was highly illegal. The possiblity exists that charges, both civil and criminal, could be brought against the republican candidate in California's 47th district. Its estimated that 14,000 letters were sent out in spanish that threatens hispanic voters who try to vote. The candidate, Tan Nguyen said the letter was sent without his knowledge and the offending employee was fired.

Mr. Nguyen is not only an inept dirty-trickster,an immigrant himself, he is also a liar as well.

No one, including his own republican party is buying that the attempt to scare hispanics,who vote democratic for the most part, was sent by an underling in Mr. Nguyen's campaign office,without his knowledge. The cost of the mailing campaign alone would of demanded the candidate signoff on such a huge and expensive endeavor.

An excerpt from the letter, borrowed from the LAT article: "You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time….". The letter warned that the state had developed a tracking system that would allow the names of Latino voters to be handed over to anti-immigrant groups.-All blatant lies.

This immigrant, and self-made man...is either incredibly arrogrant..or incredibly stupid. Felony dumb is what my dad would call him. Mr. Nguyen continues to deny his involvement even though the mailing house owner has told the head of the Orange County republican party,Scott Baugh, that Nguyen was involved in mailing the racist letter. He states Mr. Nguyen called to make sure the mailing was expedited.

Mr. Nguyen continues to deny his complicity in sending out the illegal, immoral letter, even knowing that his party is aware of his involvement.-Can you say moron extraordinaire? I can..

It should be mentioned that this isn't the first time the Orange Country Republicans running for office have attempted to use such heinous tactics against hispanics in their districts. Per the LAT article: "The letter evoked memories of the 1988 race for the 71st Assembly District in Orange County, when the local GOP hired uniformed guards to stand in Latino neighborhoods with signs stating, "Non-Citizens Can't Vote." Even when it paid an undisclosed sum to settle a lawsuit, the GOP doggedly denied wrongdoing."

Liars, cheaters and racists. Good summation of the history of republican politicians in Orange County, when they are losing to a Democrat. Evidently Nguyen was attempting to uphold the tradition, he was just too damn dumb to pull it off. The seat was held by a Democrat, and appears she wasn't about to lose it, according to the polls.Ahnold himself, our esteemed governor has called what Nguyen did a "hate crime". I find myself agreeing with him.

I just hope the sumbitch is charged, tried and convicted as a felon. That way he will never be able to vote again..after he gets out of jail.

Did I mention this district is home to Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the Minuteman Project for citizen border patrol?

Costa Mesa is also the nation's first municipality seeking to train local police in immigration enforcement. So, hatred for hispanics is a tradition in this district. If you would like to view this disgusting letter of racist bs just click here.

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