Nov 18, 2006

Army will deploy troops back to Iraq for 3rd Tour.

John McCain was bitching this week that we need more troops in Iraq. Where does this fuckwit think they will be coming from? According to this AP writeup, the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, which helped lead the charge into Baghdad at the beginning of the occupation, will return next year..thereby becoming the first Army division to serve 3, count em, 3 tours of duty in Iraq.

This kind of crap is how we get soldiers coming apart at the emotional seams. Its just too damn easy for the bastards running this war, to say..more troops, send them back over.

Its wrong. Its fucking wrong. I don't care how good a soldier you are, you can only take so much war and carnage. An excerpt from the article:

"More than 3 1/2 years into the war, the Army and Marine Corps are straining to keep a steady flow of combat and support forces to Iraq while giving the troops sufficient time between deployments for rest and retraining.

Both services are far short of their goal of providing two years between deployments; the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry, for example, will have spent barely more than 12 months at home when it returns next year. The same is true for the division's 1st Brigade, which officials have said is scheduled to deploy again in January.

The 3rd Infantry, based at Fort Stewart, Ga., is among several units - totaling 57,000 troops - identified by the Pentagon on Friday for deployment in a fresh rotation of forces starting in January. The announcement does not presume any change in troop levels, nor is any major change expected for at least several months."

This has to stop. What is the damn goal over there? Figure it out you fuckwits. The soldiers can't take this shit much longer. No human can be expected to mentally deal with this crap tour after tour.

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