Nov 30, 2006

Bush and Maliki greet, meet and repeat.

They both agreed to appear in public this morning (its morning over there now) and put on a united front. Whether these two heads of state really saw eye to eye on anything is another story and one they wouldn't tell us publicly if their miserable lives depended on it.

They agreed that partioning is not an option. BFD, they both have been saying that all along. Maliki stated, per this MSNBC article:

“We are ready to cooperate with everybody who believes that the need to cooperate with the national unity government, especially our neighbors,” al-Maliki said.--Which means he wants to make nice with Iran and Syria. This isn't news either for christ's sake. Maliki did get a shot in about the inability to arm and equip the Iraqi security forces. This is a legitimate concern according to previous reports within the MSM.

Our man Bush, used his favorite new slogans during the press conference. Ones we have come to know and hate with a burning passion. Lines such as:

“He’s a strong leader who wants a free and democratic Iraq to succeed,” Bush said.And another of my personal fav's: “We’ll be in Iraq until the job is complete, at the request of a sovereign government elected by the people.”

So, basically..notta friggin' thing was said publicly that hasn't been mouthed before. We will have to wait for someone to leak the internal memo of the meeting I guess...sigh.

The last quote, and last line of the article really gives the whole press conference a nice wrapup: "Bush said he wanted to begin troop withdrawals “as soon as possible. But I’m a realist because I understand how tough it is inside of Iraq.”

Ok, did he really think anyone with half a brain cell would buy that he is a "realist"? LMAO!

The abrupt cancellation of the Wednesday meeting was explained in different ways by various minions of Bush. What really happened, according to the Los Angeles Times is apparently Maliki and Jordan’s King Abdullah II met privately and told Georgie not to bother showing up..they didn’t need his words of wisdom. Of course the official version is that this was not a snub..yeah..ok.

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