Nov 13, 2006

The Iraq Study group, will they save us?

WaPo had a good article up Sunday. Its about the now infamous "Iraq Study Group. Those 10 humans, of dubious ancestry, have been formulating a plan for pulling our collective ass out of the fire that is the Iraq War.

I have blogged, ad nauseum, about this group. It is headed by two men on opposite sides of the political spectrum, James Baker and Lee Hamilton. They will meet with the Decider-in-Chief today, Monday. It seems I am not the only person praying they will have a plan that will work.

But, We shouldn't be holding our collective breath, dear reader.

Because they are only mortal men. They can not see into the future, they can not change the past. And when it is all said and done, there really are very few options to righting the wrongs that have been done over there. A piece of the article below:

"Many of the ideas reportedly being considered -- more aggressive regional diplomacy with Syria and Iran, greater emphasis on training Iraqi troops, or focusing on a new political deal between warring Shiites and Sunni -- have either been tried or have limited chances of success, in the view of many experts on Iraq."

As much as we loathe the current mortals spearheading our efforts in the deserts of the middle east, surely even those assholes have considered the above options.

But according to people who have spoken to the men within the study group, their goal is to find a plan that will appeal to, and unite the voices from all ends of the political spectrum on what to do and how to do find a "political solution" according to the article:

"Baker's objectives for the Iraq Study Group are grounded in his conviction that Iraq is the central foreign policy issue confronting the United States, and that the only way to address that issue successfully is to first build a bipartisan consensus," said Arnold Kanter, who served as undersecretary of state under Baker during George H.W. Bush's administration."

So, as we all hold our collective breath, waiting for the homework to come due from this study group, we must remember this;

The Asshat-in-Chief still holds the reins of power, and the bigger question is..will he buy what the Iraq Study Group is selling, and will the political hacks we have elected to lead and guide us finally agree in unison that there is but one plan to find our way out of the hell of Iraq?

Because as Lee Hamilton says, very candidly in the writeup.."We need to reach agreement, and that may not be possible."

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