Nov 6, 2006

Ramsey Clark threatened with misconduct charges over Saddam verdict remarks.

Iraqi High Tribunal officials said Sunday following the handing down of death sentences to Saddam Hussein and two others in the Dujail crimes against humanity case that they would file complaints against several defense lawyers for alleged misconduct. Chief prosecutor Jaafar Moussawai told a news conference that complaints would be filed against members of the defense team “who made threats and comments supporting terrorism,” and chief investigatory judge Raed Juhi said American Saddam lawyer and former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark would be singled out for "insulting the court." Clark was ejected from the courtroom Sunday by Chief Judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman after he sent the judge a memorandum suggesting that the trial was a "mockery of justice"; clearly agitated, Abdel-Rahman said Clark was the mockery and then added "You come from America and ridicule the Iraqi people."

Moussawai also indicated the automatic appeal of the death sentences to the nine-judge Appeals Chamber of the court would start Monday. From Baghdad, Voices of Iraq (VOI) has local coverage. Rueters has more coverage as well, you can read it here.

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