Dec 5, 2006

Bush to kiss some Democratic behind

These are the conservative and moderate folks in the Democratic Par-tay. Per an email I got, hot off the presses of "The Hill":

Bush to Meet with Centrist Dems

By Josephine Hearn

President Bush has invited leaders of the conservative Blue Dog and New Democrat coalitions to the White House Friday to discuss areas of “mutual cooperation” in the words of one Democratic Congressional aide.

The outreach comes at a time when Bush’s image on Capitol Hill and around the country has taken a serious beating. The meeting is scheduled just two days after the Iraq Study Group is scheduled to release its findings and one day after the Senate Armed Services Committee plans to hold hearings on them.

Reps. Alan Boyd (Fla.), Dennis Moore (Kan.) and Mike Ross (Ark.) will represent the Blue Dogs, a coalition of usually southern, conservative-leaning Democrats and Reps. Joe Crowley (N.Y.), Artur Davis (Ala.), Ron Kind (Wis.), Adam Smith (Wash.) and Ellen Tauscher (Calif.) are set to represent the New Democrats, a group of business-friendly centrists, at the meeting, which the president is expected to attend.

Business-friendly that code for "fuck the regular folks?" I know that all Dem's are not my friend, but I surely hope they aren't jumping on the sinking ship known as the Bush Administration...on ANY issue.

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