Dec 4, 2006

A Homegrown Terrorist is sentenced to 30 years..where is the MSM?

He was convicted in April of attempting to obtain a chemical weapon and possession of stolen explosives. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison last Tuesday by U.S. District Judge James Todd in Jackson. Our terrorist, born and bred in the U.S., told undercover FBI agents of his desire to explode a briefcase bomb while Congress was in session, was found guilty by a jury in about 90 minutes in April. Wow, that was quick wasn't it?

He was convicted of accepting what he believed to be ingredients to make Sarin nerve gas and a block of C-4 explosive from undercover agents in October 2004.

He was convicted on five charges: one count of attempted possession of a chemical weapon, one count of inducing another person to acquire a chemical weapon, one count of possession of stolen explosives, one count of possession of explosive material with intent to harm an individual or damage or destroy a building, and one count of possession of an unregistered destructive device.

During his trial, prosecutors showed audio and video tapes of convo's he had with undercover agents, he had a very open hatred of all things to do with the government of the United States. He plotted to buy these weapons of mass destruction while his 4 yr old child was sitting in the truck with him.

This homegrown terrorist is Demetrius Crocker, a 40 yr old white father of two. If you don't believe me, click here to check out his picture and read the writeup about him. But you won't see or hear anything about him in the just isn't news, don't ya know? He isn't Muslim, he isn't brown skinned and he wasn't a member of Al-Queda or any other Middle East terrorist group. He was a racist and a Neo-Nazi however..but like I said..its not really news.

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