Dec 11, 2006

DeLay launches new conservative website/begging site.

I rec'd this piece of news this morning in my inbox from The Hill, an inside the beltway news blog. I will give Tommy this; he is probably the best corrupt politician in the last 20 years to figure out new ways to beg for money from the party faithful.

DeLay launches new conservative force

By Jackie Kucinich

Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) announced the launch of an Internet-based grassroots organization aimed at raising money and uniting Republican activists to take back and hold the GOP majority in Congress, according to a release today.
The new organization, comparable to the left’s, is called GAIN (Grassroots, Action, and Information Network) and will be hosted on, a blog that will feature comments from DeLay and other conservative bloggers and activists.
GAIN’s goal is to unite conservatives in “restoring American government to its constitutional roots and advancing the conservative first principles of order, justice and freedom.”
The site was developed and set to launch before the Nov. 7 elections, but the Republicans’ heavy midterm losses prompted DeLay to alter the concept to “reflect the need for Republicans to change course.”
“The Democrats didn’t win this election, Republicans lost it, and the most important lesson we can take from our defeat is that conservatives must act on our first principles,” DeLay said in the release. “We must organize and act to protect the very principles of order, justice, and freedom that are the touchstones of our nation’s founding, and that’s what the blog and GAIN will work to accomplish.”

If you wish to read the entire press release, here is the link. Perhaps we should all saunter by today and show him some love...

Edit..please visit James blog which is known as TomDeLaydotcom to enjoy folks' unabashed POV on DeLay.

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