Dec 12, 2006

Human Rights Day speakers also remembered the victims of Katrina

One of the Basic Human needs is housing. I do not for one minute think the federal goverment should house everyone. But, that said, I think they should house those who were living in a humble abode prior to Katrina. Da Levee’s broke. It wasn’t an act of was an act of negligence.

Over 1 million people were uprooted because of Katrina and the levees. Around 300,000 still remain homeless now. has a good article up that address’s the needs of those still homeless that weren’t that way prior to Katrina.

“There are instances of officials at all levels of government siding against repairing homes and restoring the lives of displaced people,” said Stephen Bradberry, ACORN head organizer in New Orleans and 2005 winner of the RFK Human Rights award. There needs to be a fundamental shift towards government assistance that supports the right to return to a place once called home.”

Last week I blogged about the recent ruling that told FEMA to continue payments to some of the displaced victims of Katrina. The goverment has steadfastly refused to provide this court-ordered relief until their case is appealed.

You bags of sheep dung can shell out for a war that is killing our own and costing trillions, yet you can not take care of our own here at home? You won’t leave Iraq until the job is “done”, yet you purposely cut off the most basic relief for our people here on our soil and even now, refuse to honor a judges verdict? Various members of Congress have requested this judgement be honored, to no avail.

Your momma’s should be proud of you gents..they really should. And I hope there is a special place in hell for every last one of you that are refusing to provide for our own citizens who are homeless by no fault of their own. Thousands of units of housing are actually inhabitable yet the local housing authority is bulldozing this property to make way for more expensive, mixed income housing. Those former residents who have returned to their apartments are being evicted in order to carry out this brand new housing development that will displace over 5,000 former residents.

Just ain’t right…

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