Jan 26, 2007

Baghdad Brutality by Iraqi soldiers caught on tape

Channel 4 out of Britain has exclusive video of Iraqi soldiers beating suspected insurgents in the street...while US soldiers stand by and watch. When it was discovered that the Channel4 reporters were recording this event, according to the accompanying article up:

"The journalists were then threatened and held under armed guard by the Americans - as troops attempted to seize their footage."

US Army commander Lieutenant Colonel Dale C Kuehl has stated:

"The US Army does not condone detainee abuse within our formation not within ISF formations. The appropriate actions will be taken once the results of the investigation are final."

The American soldiers just sit in their vehicle and watch..letting it happen. They even go so far as to comment that the Iraqi's are giving the individual a "Rodney King" beating.

As long as the MSM gets a hold of it, and stays on top of it there will be hell to pay..otherwise my bet is this goes away.

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