Jan 25, 2007

Chuck Hagel spills his guts..again and in print.

Thanks to Ken over at BIO for the link to this interview w/Chuck Hagel out this month. Its 7 pages of who did what in the run up to the Iraq War over in the West Wing of the White House. I know people are skeptical of Hagel's intentions for coming out at this time.

Hey..its as good a time as any in my opinion. With Cheney having a meltdown on Wolf Blitzer's show the other night..and Libby's trial..its not a happy time over at 1600 Penn. Ave. right now.

I hope they choke on it. I really hope they all do.

Here are some eye catching Q's and A's from mid interview:

They expected Congress to let them start a war anywhere they wanted in the Middle East?
"Yes. Yes. Wide open. We had to rewrite it. Joe Biden, Dick Lugar, and I stripped the language that the White House had set up, and put our language in it."


Does being a veteran also make you sensitive to the administration’s approach to interrogation and the use of secret military prisons?
It does, because that’s not who America is. We have always, certainly since World War II, had the moral high ground in the world. But these secret prisons and the treatment at Guantánamo destroy all of that. We ought to shut down Guantánamo. There shouldn’t be any secret prisons. Why do we need those? What are we afraid of? Here we are, the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Why can’t we let the Red Cross into our prisons? Why do we deny they exist? Why do we keep them locked up? What are we afraid of? Why aren’t we dealing with Iran and Syria?


Is it strange for you to be allied on these issues with the anti-war left, which is not exactly your constituency?
I think these issues are starting to redefine the political landscape. You are going to see alliances and relationships develop that are based on this war. You are going to see a reorientation of political parties.

How conservative are you really? Tell me the truth: You don’t care whether or not gay people get married, do you?
No. Personally, I think marriage is between a man and a woman, but that’s because I see it as a religious union. As a legal contract, marriage should be up to the states. If a state wants to change the rules, that’s up to them.

Btw..Chuckie thinks flag-burning should be against the law. He voted to ban it and he thinks cannabis should remain illegal. He ain't perfect..he IS a republican. But, I wonder for how long?

Wouldn't most Repub's consider him a traitor now? Like Lieberman, he has changed his spots?

Does that make us even now?

Interesting, none the less. How many guys commit political suicide(within their own party) twice in one week?

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