Jan 17, 2007

Courts jump in to monitor domestic spying by BushCo

From the NYT this afternoon:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 -- The Bush administration, in what appears to be a concession to its critics, said today it will allow an independent court to monitor its warrantless electronic-eavesdropping program.

Attorney General Alberto "Fuckwit" Gonzales told the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to supervise anti-terrorism wiretapping within the United States, will supervise the eavesdropping operations from now on.

The attorney general sought to portray the administration’s change of posture as anything but grudging. “In the spring of 2005 -- well before the first press account disclosing the existence of the Terrorist Surveillance Program -- the administration began exploring options” for seeking such approval, he said.

Is Alberto that stupid that he actually believes people are buying what he just tried to sell? Bush would continue his status quo of spying without a warrant if the Repubes were still in charge. We know this..we ain't stupid mutha fucka!

It's a good day for American's. Its a good day when the federal fuckwits give up without even so much as a supoena or hearing. Shows the s.o.b.'s knew it wasn't going to fair well for them. Liars, bags of batshits that they are....they try to spin it. Amazing..simply amazing.

oh..get a load of this my dear reader...the NYT has this little bit of info about why the letter about the warrantless spying surfaced now:

"The letter from Mr. Gonzales came a day before he is to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, some of whose members have been hostile to the administration’s arguments in favor of the program."

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