Jan 17, 2007

San Diego Federal Prosecutor and others being forced out by Bush administration.

Carol Lam, US Attorney for San Diego, has been forced out of office by the Bush administration, along with Kevin Ryan in San Francisco. The complaint is that she didn't prosecute enough alien smugglers..

LMAO. She only prosecuted the biggest felon in the history of elected office; Randy Duke Cunningham. and went after a corrupt Insurance company paying doctors kickbacks.

As this article points out, the ever-popular Patriot Act seems to be behind the move:

"The two are among 11 top federal prosecutors who have resigned or announced their resignations since an obscure provision in the USA Patriot Act reauthorization last year enabled the U.S. attorney general to appoint replacements without Senate confirmation."

Dianne Feinstein pitched a fit and a Justice Dept spokesman quickly stated that congress would be consulted before the nomination of replacements, as has been the routine since the law was changed. Since those folks pull anything they can get away with..do we really believe him? Does anyone think for one minute this isn't politically motivated? Or, perhaps THESE lawyers have a conscience and are resigning in order to no longer do the Shrub's bidding:

"Of California's top federal prosecutors, only U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott of Sacramento is staying at his job. Debra Wong Yang, the chief federal prosecutor of Los Angeles, quit last month to take a job with a private law firm."

Thanks to Ken Grandlund over at Bring it On! for posting about this and bringing it to our attention.

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