Jan 19, 2007

Leftwing News on a Freaky Friday..

Its a good title for a post that covers lots o' ground isn't it? well, onward Leftwing soldiers...

Seems Ahmadinejad is getting some major heat at home. Since the UN smacked their knuckles over the nuclear thing..and put on some sanctions..they are affecting the bottom line for Iran..aka their economy. According to this IHT writeup:

"Members of the Iranian Parliament criticized the president in two documents this week for his handling of the nuclear crisis and the faltering economy. Last week two hard-line newspapers criticized Ahmadinejad for his comments about the country's nuclear program, saying he had complicated the matter."-Although I didn't think he allowed folks to complain publicly about him or his policies..I guess its different when its the governing body and two major newspapers. Good for them! Fuck Ahmadinejad..he is Iran's BushCo and I hope his shit hits the fan too.

TSA to fix the No-Fly List. Wouldn't you say its about damn time? I mean really..its got the names of the dead hijackers on it for starters..then it has names like Bob Jones..with no real info so every Bob Jones gets pulled out and strip searched or questioned like he just rolled up his prayer rug in the terminal waiting area. Also in the article..Kip "Fuckwit" Hawley has stated that searching 100% of air cargo, as recommended by the 9/11 Commission, may not be as effective as other security measures..Like running through a list of 32,000 friggin names is effective Kip..look you dipshit..I would rather have people checking every single damn piece of cargo than hassling frequent flyers for hours on end because their name is the same as some bogus name on your fuckwitted No-Fly List. I would also like to say that I think checking ALL cargo holds leaving the US or entering it has to be better than only checking like 3%..which is what I think we check now. Perhaps they would of caught the guy who was buying parts for our fighter planes from the DOD and shipping them off to Iran...just a thought there dumbass..

International Doctors and Lawyers are demanding better care and hospitals for Iraq's children. Seems that since there is a war going on, there is very little in the way of medicine,medical equipment and medical doctors. Children are dying from the lack of simple, everyday equipment that we take for granted here in the US and most European countries. Things like sterile needles and oxygen masks. Is this disgusting or what my dear reader?

Newborns are being fed "powdered milk and tap water" for starters. Read the story..it will break your heart if your a compassionate person or just a parent. The smallest victims of this fucking war are dying for the dumbest reasons imaginable. Its being called a violation of the Geneva Conventions by some..because the US and Britain, as the occupying forces aren't supplying shit my dear reader.

Ok, the pain meds are finally kicking in..I have to lay down for a bit. Its a bitch when you only sleep for 3 hours because of the pain. Have a good Friday folks..stay warm and I hope the Saints kick some ass this weekend.

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