Jan 18, 2007

Republican Rep.introduces legislation to prevent attack on Iran by Bush

Representative Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones(R) from North Carolina has introduced a bi-partisan bill today seeking to bar Bush from attacking Iran without the permission of Congress. Per this WaPo article:

"The resolution makes crystal clear that no previous resolution passed by Congress" authorizes a U.S. attack on Iran, Jones told reporters, referring to the 2002 vote by Congress authorizing the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

Ain't that some shit my dear reader :) The man behind dissing the French for not supporting our invasion of Iraq is now making sure its crystal freaking clear that Bush doesn't enjoy the support of all Republicans in attacking Iran. There are 11 co-sponsors of this mainly symbolic resolution.

Its getting ugly up there on the Hill folks..real ugly. Folks aren't liking Bush's bullying ways. His own party has members willing to step up and spit in his eye..metaphorically speaking of course. Pair this one with the anti-escalation Repubes and its not a happy time for BushCo.

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