Jan 25, 2007

There's problems in Iraq" he said, but its not a "terrible situation".

What is Dick Cheney drinking these days if he doesn’t consider the “situation” in Iraq to be terrible? Just what in the blue hell does it take for him to consider Iraq a terrible place? 100 dead Iraqi’s in one day must not count for anything in Deadeye Dicks world. Blowing the back of the heads off of 4 American’s must not be too terrible either in Dick Cheney’s world.

On CNN Cheney tried like hell to paint a rosy picture of what “we” have accomplished in Iraq. He was argumentative with Blitzer, not answering the questions put to him, just sounding like a broken record with the same rhetoric we have come to expect from this man that sits a heartbeat away from being President.

When asked why he thought Hillary Clinton wouldn’t make a good president his remarks showed his ignorance and allegiance is to his party, not his country when he said:

“Because she’s a Democrat.”

Instead of providing examples to support his position that Iraq is going swimmingly, he said things like this:

When Blitzer asked whether the administration’s credibility had been hurt by “the blunders and the failures” in Iraq, Cheney interjected: “Wolf, Wolf, I simply don’t accept the premise of your question. I just think it’s hogwash.”

The President has admitted in two speeches lately that there have been mistakes, there have been short-sighted goals..but not Cheney. He refuses to admit to anything going wrong. Cheney’s delusional view of the war in Iraq was summed up quite well for me with this line:

“Bottom line is that we’ve had enormous successes and we will continue to have enormous successes.”

If Iraq is the face of “enormous success”..I would hate to see abject failure Mr. Cheney. Your attempt to spin the war as a success was a failure Mr. Cheney..because over 65% of America isn’t buying what you are selling any longer, you delusional son of a bitch.

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