Jan 15, 2007

"they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

His words, his birthday. The entire speech below.

We have a long way to go still Dr. King. I am sorry the war against racism isn't over, 44 years after you said these words. These days, we see people hating Muslims..not so much for the color of their skin but the religion they practice. Hate for an entire section of people on any level is wrong, especially when they did nothing to you personally to earn such hatred. Hating all for the actions of a few is paranoid and fuckwitted.

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Today's Photo..er..Graphic..ok, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a domain name. I have been meticulously working on a new site,Leftwing Nutjob. Please change your bookmarks people..this puppy will no longer be updated as of July 1st 2011.