Feb 19, 2007

Nutjobs of the Week: Republican Swiftboaters against Hillary.

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Let me start by saying, I am no fan of Hillary’s. I do appreciate what she went through when her hubby Bill was in office, there is no denying the fact that she put on a happy face and trudged through that part of her life. It has become obvious however, why she did that.

She wanted the job. Hillary has been running for President since the day Bill Clinton took the oath of office. And as she has said: ‘She’s in it to win it’.

This is causing major concern for the GOP activists. They friggin hate ol’ Hill with a passion usually saved for Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and various other anti-war activists on the left. Funny, but Hillary isn’t anti-war..she is a hawk, don’t ya know?

Dick Morris, who actually worked for Bill Clinton is spearheading the Anti-Hillary campaign with a documentary on her. Per this article this is what the likes of Dicky Morris thinks about Hillary;

"People are doing what they're doing because they want to defeat her before she has a chance to win. You can't hold off your silver bullet to the end," said veteran Republican operative David N. Bossie, who is involved in the film project with Dick Morris, a former advisor to Bill Clinton.”—Damn, this woman worries them doesn’t she now? I mean, the first primaries aren’t for about a year for the love of god. The same article calls her a formidable threat.

Yet, I cannot find one person on the left who would readily vote Mrs. Clinton for President in ’08. The left doesn’t want her and the right is poised to stop her at all costs. Hillary has been waiting for this she says. She knows how to handle the rightwing nutjobs:

At a recent Democratic National Committee gathering in Washington, Clinton told party officials, "I know how they think, how they act and how to defeat them" — a battle call echoing her 1998 evocation of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" during the furor over her husband's affair with intern Monica S. Lewinsky.

Back to Dick Morris..aka Dicky Mo. He has written scathing columns about Hillary. Then, he has actually come to her defense when Ed Klein wrote an unsubstantiated hit piece intimating that not only was Hillary gay, Bill raped her and …this is the really good part..that was how Chelsea was conceived. This fuckwittery is telling. The right FEARS Hillary. Sweet Jebus in a speedo, they fear Hillary Clinton will become our next President.

There are websites up already, StopHerNow.com and StopHillaryPAC.com. I won’t link to them..sorry. But they are like rabid dogs after an injured animal my dear reader. It actuallys makes one pause..and think…

Damn, has this bitch really got a chance to win? Could Hillary win? As the LAT article quotes one of the StopHillaryPAC folks:

"Those Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were the real heroes of the 2004 election," one online exhortation reads. "We at the StopHillaryPAC want to do the same thing to Hillary."

The Swiftboaters are the same ones that KO’d Kerry’s campaign, oilman T. Boone Pickens and Houston real estate developer Robert Perry.

Isn’t that nice of those mutha fucka’s..they want to play dirty again. It almost makes you want to expose them, and if that is the case..you would also be giving Hillary a helping hand at the same time. Dick Morris btw, was fired in 1996, from Bill Clinton’s staff after it was found that he had a dalliance with a..ahem..prostitute.

But if Hillary knows anything, it’s how to fight back. I mean, think about it..she had to endure the sexcapades during Bill’s first run at the White House. There was the whole “Whitewater” fiasco and TravelGate, which in spite of millions spent by government investigators, never did nail the Clintons to wall on anything. And of course…MonicaGate. Hillary doesn’t sit and wait, she has already hired her own dirt diggers. She has people that do nothing but scour the media and the internets. She hired Judd Legum, previously research director for the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank headed by former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta. Legum is pretty good at digging the dirt, I get the email from C.A.P. that he used to head until he left last month to go over to Hillary’s team. Another fact not well know is that Hillary played a ‘key role’ in the formation of the website Media Matters, which has a huge research staff and provides excellent research on anything the rightwing nutjobs say or do in the media. If you don’t subscribe to their email alerts, I suggest you do, if you’re into those sort of things. The DLC, that stalwart fan of Big Business loves Hillary and Bill. They helped get the first Clinton into office and he promptly rewarded them with NAFTA. Hillary hired Senator Harry Reid’s son this weekend as part of her inner circle.

The rights mantra is that Hillary is a leftwing nutjob in centrist’s clothing. I personally see her as slightly right of center. They vilify her like no other except John Kerry, who said fuck it, and decided not to run again. Can’t blame him, he doesn’t have the stones to run for President

But Hillary has, my dear reader, she has big brass ones. I think in many respects she is smarter than her husband. I think women want to believe her and leftwingers will vote for her if they have to in the general election next year. Even Ralph Nader hates her. He has threatened to run if Hillary is the Democratic nominee. Of course Ralph hates Obama and Edwards too, he is just a grouchy old fuck. The right points at her early socialistic view of healthcare as a major reason they hate her and proof that she isn’t a moderate. They will play as dirty as they have to, and they don’t care what it costs. They want her gone. To me, that says they are very afraid of this woman. That can only be a good thing. She does have one weapon at her disposal: Bill Clinton. Bill’s public approval ratings were still higher than Bush’s when he left office. People think he got a bum deal, or maybe Monica’s indiscretion wasn’t as important as the Iraq War.

We could do worse you know..we could get Newt Fuckwit Gingrich who would hand over every right we have if it was up to him. Another horror movie is John “Weathervane” McCain. If it comes down to Hillary Clinton and a republican..what would you do? That’s what the rightwing activists are afraid of.

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