Mar 8, 2007

Bakersfield Soldier's religious beliefs clash with his job.

When I saw the story on KERO, it made me sad. People have no right to judge a man who went when he was told to go to war. Even if he supports the war, he can feel as he does, which isn't my concern btw, he can stand for or against the war, its his right as an American. It has to be hard to be in his shoes.

"Sgt. Mathew Gonzalez said his decal that reads "Lord please forgive me, I have committed sins for our freedom" is a message he created to show that as a Catholic he believes he did sin by killing someone in Iraq."

This man has to have one heck of a headache. People are bitching at him for his use of free speech. Something, you know..he supports by being a fighting military man, who has sworn to protect ALL our freedoms. The local TV website I linked above has a survey on this topic, and remarkably, our red city has voted 1490 to 167 that his decal is NOT disrespectful. I would really expect the religious nutjobs that are a thriving group here in BibleBelt section of the San Joaquin valley to come out against him.

Color me happily surprised. I would also like to thank
Sgt. Mathew Gonzalez for his service. I am sorry it has caused him emotional or physical pain. God Bless you Sir.

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