Mar 10, 2007

Saturday wingnut roundup..

Uncle Al is in some deep shit these days..couldn't happen to a nicer guy imho. First he gets reamed a new one over the US Atty firings..then..he has to go visit the Dem's with his hat in his hand..according to this article up at CNN:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Slapped even by GOP allies, the Bush administration is beating an abrupt retreat on eight federal prosecutors it fired and then publicly pilloried.

Just hours after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales dismissed the hubbub as an "overblown personnel matter," a Republican senator Thursday mused that Gonzales might soon suffer the same fate as the canned U.S. attorneys.

A short time later, Gonzales and his security detail shuttled to the Capitol for a private meeting on Democratic turf, bearing two offerings:

  • President Bush would not stand in the way of a Democratic-sponsored bill that would cancel the attorney general's power to appoint federal prosecutors without Senate confirmation. Gonzales' Justice Department previously had dismissed the legislation as unreasonable.
  • There would be no need for subpoenas to compel testimony by five of Gonzales' aides involved in the firings, as the Democrats had threatened. Cloistered in the stately hideaway of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy, D-Vermont, the attorney general assured those present that he would permit the aides to tell their stories.

  • Screw the fuckwits good gents. Take Uncle Al down if you can over this bs.

    Then...we have the FBI almost sad how bad Uncle Al and his minions look lately...but then I wake up and smell the reality of it all.

    Uncle Al and the boys at the Justice Dept, and the FBI are crooks and liars..supposing to go after the crooks and liars..oh..the irony. Of course the following quote from the WaPo article just jacked my jaw:

    WASHINGTON -- The nation's top two law enforcement officials acknowledged Friday the FBI broke the law to secretly pry out personal information about Americans. They apologized and vowed to prevent further illegal intrusions. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales left open the possibility of pursuing criminal charges against FBI agents or lawyers who improperly used the USA Patriot Act in pursuit of suspected terrorists and spies.

    GIVE ME A FRIGGIN' BREAK!!! They apologized and promised never to do that again?

    And people believe them? Possible criminal charges my ass. If they do go after these assholes, then I might buy them turning over a new leaf..until then..

    Its all bullshit rhetoric.

    Then we have the wingnuts at the CPAC convention of wingnuts..Coultergeist and Cpl. Matt Sanchez, the male prostitute. But please..enjoy the video below of a lefty that actually went to the CPAC ball and interviewed Malkin, among others..hilarious!

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    Today's, Picture.

    It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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