Mar 29, 2007

Round one of the Sampson testimony. Doesn't look good for Gonzo

Sampson did state that Gonzo wasn't entirely truthful regarding his role in the decision to fire the 8 USA's. A quote from Sampson:

"I don't think the attorney general's statement that he was not involved in any discussions of U.S. attorney removals was accurate,"

Sen. Specter hammered Sampson about the timing of the email that stated Lam had to go asap. The email was the day after Lam had notified DOJ that she had search warrants for Foggo and Wilkes residences and businesses. Sampson said there wasn't any tie-in..she was let go because of her inability to persue immigrant cases.

Sen. Feinstein also hammered Sampson about the Foggo case and his email, then read a letter from the Border Patrol head of the SoCal division, which you can read here. It applauds her work in the area of prosecuting immigration cases. She also stated that the FBI chief of the SoCal division called Sampson to complain that Lam was being fired.

Sampson had a case of CRS on many issues raised by the Senators, including the Letter from the Border Patrol regarding Lam's prosecution of immigration cases.

They are at lunch now...wonder if Sampson is having a roll of Tums..

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