Mar 5, 2007

Walter Reed Hearings start today. Kiley's on the hotseat

As well he should be. Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley ran W.R.A.H. before he was kicked upstairs in 2004.

As this WaPo article out today states:

"Kiley, the commander of Walter Reed from 2002 to 2004, has been accused of being brash and indifferent to concerns raised about problems there. After a series of Washington Post articles described the outpatient conditions at Walter Reed, Kiley said the problems "weren't serious and there weren't a lot of them," and that they were not "emblematic of a process of Walter Reed that has abandoned soldiers and their families."

Kiley will be dancing with the devil today, trying to cover his ass. He should of been fired first and formost. He is a worthless scumbag, it was on his watch the outpatient mess began and by many accounts, he ignored it. Kiley is a climber..and he reached the top pinnacle in 04. Why didn't he see the problems start when the war wounded started coming in droves. Surely staff complained about the mounting problems.

As this former Doctor who worked with Kiley states:

"His last concern was his concern for the patient," said retired Col. Robert M. Tabachnikoff, chief of obstetrics and gynecology under Kiley at Landstuhl in the mid-1990s. Tabachnikoff said Kiley wanted to discharge new mothers within 24 hours of delivery to keep beds free and counted phone calls as office visits. "He was more concerned for meeting requirements and advancing his own career. . . . At last, it's catching up with him. His leadership style is being exposed."

Another federal fuckwit kicked up the ladder. I hope the hearings point the fickle finger of fate at Kiley. The higher up they are..the harder they fall. This about care of our wounded soldiers. Its not about saving money or ignoring the warning signs and handing off the problem to Weightman.

Oh,yeah..another gem of info..Kiley also had a hand in prisoner healthcare at Gitmo and Abu-Ghraib. He whitewashed that report and problems too. Wotta guy.

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