Mar 5, 2007

Testimony at todays hearing on Walter Reed

Today, the former head of W.R.A.H. who was kicked upstairs in 2004, Lt.Gen. Kevin Kiley gave a little speech. Kiley was in charge of W.R.A.H. when the War in Iraq started. His testimony to the hearing can be read here. What caught my eye was this quote from Lt.Gen.Kiley:

“The failures highlighted in the Washington Post articles are not due to a lack of funding or support from Congress, the Administration, or the Department of Defense.”

Ok, we need to know where the culpability lies for the horrendous conditions our soldiers were forced to live in and why soldiers were unaccounted for Lt.Gen Kiley…but, don't ya know.. he didn’t offer that information. He took the time however to point out what he saw as fallacies in the “WaPo story, like the numbers of rooms which contained mold. Not one room should contain mold, especially if the soldier had open wounds for the love of Pete.

The entire list and testimony of todays witnesses can be found here. SSGT. John Shannon testified today about his treatment at W.R., per this article:

“John Daniel Shannon, who lost his left eye and suffered traumatic brain injuries from a rifle wound, said that after he was discharged from Walter Reed, he was given a map of the grounds and eventually found his way to outpatient quarters by wandering around and asking for directions.”

You can read SSGT. Shannon’s testimony here.

It should be noted that Kiley had a hand in the healthcare and treatment of prisoners at Abu-Gharib and Gitmo. He prepared the report that stated there were no problems within those

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