Apr 27, 2007

BushCo is trying to muzzle the Gitmo lawyers again.

Actually more than muzzle them. The bastards are trying to curb the lawyers contact with their clients..you know..the Gitmo prisoners. The folks that have, in most cases, been held for years without charges..tortured..and God knows what the hell else. Care to know what the excuse for this heinous action is? Hell, let the NYT explain it..I am speechless:

Saying that visits by civilian lawyers and attorney-client mail have caused “intractable problems and threats to security at Guantánamo,” a Justice Department filing proposes new limits on the lawyers’ contact with their clients and access to evidence in their cases that would replace more expansive rules that have governed them since they began visiting Guantánamo detainees in large numbers in 2004.

The filing says the lawyers have caused unrest among the detainees and have improperly served as a conduit to the news media, assertions that have drawn angry responses from some of the lawyers.

They are too much trouble those damn lawyers..this excuse is almost laughable if it wasn't so damn disgusting. They cause undue media attention.. Christ..can they actually use that and keep a straight face in court?

If approved by the D.C. court of appeals, the new proposal would restrict each prisoner to one interview to authorize a lawyer, and three subsequent visits by that lawyer.This would also make life much easier on the Gitmo Security Staff. We can't have those guys stressing out you know..and the best part of this plan from the DOJ's pov?

It would remove the lawyer's right to examine secret evidence used against the prisoner. We are sitting in our homes and witnessing the Death of Due Process folks.

When will this horrible nightmare end? When will American's come to their senses and realize we have a modern day Hitler in OUR WhiteHouse?


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