Apr 7, 2007

Religion and our Government

I have no problem with God in our buildings as long as the entity doesn’t favor one religion over another. On our money? Great, it spends the same no matter what or who is on it. There are SO many different religions that worship or believe differently from what most folks consider traditional. Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are also different than the traditional religions of Catholicism, Baptist, etc..

We alienate these different religions when we assume we are a Christian nation. We are a diverse nation that allows everyone to worship in their own way. I do not wish to remove anyone’s right to worship, and neither do the other folks that are taking part in this weekends activities.

Our goal is to keep religious dogma out of our governments laws. Everyone is guaranteed by our Constitution the right to worship on their own terms. There is NO national religion. Laws based on one form of religion to the detriment of all the others is wrong, its favoritism and it doesn’t go with the Constitution and the founding fathers intent. We need to RESPECT all religions and the only way to do that is to keep religion as a personal, private belief system which doesn’t alienate others by becoming part of our laws.

Of course we have people of faith in our government. Thats a wonderful part of our country. It means these officials, if they practice the basic tenants of religion, will make sure we take care of the sick, the poor and the elderly. They will honor their God by being good, honest people. They will respect the rights of others that do not believe as they do. Its about respecting everyone, regardless of their standing or their faith..or their lack of faith in a God. They will not demean women.

In a nation of many faiths, it’s impractical and inappropriate to foster specific doctrines in the government or teach them in public schools.


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