Jun 2, 2007

Congress wants Ashcroft to testify

Both the Senate and House Judicial committee's want to talk to former AG John Ashcroft. The subject is that lovely little visit made to his sickbed. Per the Newsweek article:

The Senate and House Intelligence Committees are asking former attorney general John Ashcroft to testify about a March 2004 hospital-room confrontation during which he refused to sign off on a continuation of President Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping program, according to congressional and administration sources.

The panel plans to question Ashcroft, his former chief of staff David Ayres and former deputy attorney general James Comey about a heated dispute with the White House that roiled the Justice Department three years ago. The House committee is also planning a separate closed-door hearing with Ashcroft, according to a spokeswoman for Ashcroft.

The problem is..Ashcroft is still a loyal "Bushie", but he wasn't enamored with the wiretapping program either. I can't wait to see how this turns out..can you my dear reader?

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