Jul 11, 2007

Bush will recommend "Stay the Course" in Iraq tomorrow

This comes to us from Politico.com..who is funded by rich rightwingers..so take it for what it's worth;

President Bush plans to send an increasingly hostile Congress a report on Thursday showing mixed results for the administration’s “surge” strategy in Iraq, but concluding the current approach should be given more time to work, White House officials said Wednesday.


The administration, in an eagerly anticipated assessment, plans to declare that is has found “satisfactory” progress on roughly half of the 18 benchmarks, the officials told The Politico.


"Whatever we’re doing is working. It may not be working fast enough. But it’s still the right mode to be taking to get the result we’re looking for. The overall message is that there is progress in a lot of areas, and there’s not as much progress as we would like in other areas.”

And we save the best for last...

“There is no one internally advocating any precipitous change in course at this time,” the official said. “A lot of things will be talked about down the line. But this week was a make-or-break week, and there’s no one who believes the president needs to do something dramatic to stem this tide now."

As usual..Bush will lie through his teeth and try to tell us the sun is blue and the oceans are a charming color of pink...I think you get my drift.

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