Jul 15, 2007

Does Bush have Petraeus by the short hairs?

The President of the United States covered his lily-white ass this week by tossing out the name of General David Petraeus 12 times in one speech this past week . He is trying to buy himself some time by mentioning his good buddy with regards to the war in Iraq. WaPo has a writeup about how much this administration has put all its hopes and dreams on Gen. Petraeus's upcoming September surprise aka his 'report' which will be due to Congress and King George. Bear in mind..this is the 4th General to 'lead' the war in Iraq my dear reader..

Someone at WaPo has been keeping track of how many times the Decider-in-Chief has invoked the name of General Petraeus this year when talking about how well it's going in Iraq, or who is leading us to the promised-land there. Care to hazard a guess? Come on...just one..

Ok..per the WaPo piece: Bush has mentioned Petraeus at least 150 times this year in his speeches, interviews and news conferences, often setting him up in opposition to members of Congress.

These speech writers for Bush need to be fired..or at the very least someone needs to tell them to get a new shtick. When we are inundated with the same tired rhetoric every single speech the Shrub delivers...it becomes propaganda my dear reader.

Poor Petraeus. Does he know he is the fall-guy? He seems like an intelligent man. Like the Generals before him..he will take the heat for the failure that is the Iraq War..its coming soon..but not soon enough for me or the 70% that want the war to end now.

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