Jul 9, 2007

Even Fred Fielding admits the LIbby verdict was sound.

From Newsweek:

But Fielding, one of the advisers tells NEWSWEEK, reluctantly concluded that the jury had reached a reasonable verdict: the evidence was strong that Libby testified falsely about his role in the leak.

So, my dear reader..even the Decider-in-Chief's own counsel said it was a just verdict..why then did he commute Libby's sentence?

The Big Dick Cheney.

Yes sportsfans..the big dick cheney was highly pissed about the ruling and therein lies the reason. An unnamed source within the Oval Office said this, according to the Newsweek article: "I'm not sure Bush had a choice," says one of the advisers. "If he didn't act, it would have caused a fracture with the vice president."

Sounds like a little boy that didn't want to feel the wrath of his daddy doesn't it? Sure does to me. Sick bastards. May they all rot in hell with Jerry Falwell. The jury's decision was the right one...the Shrubs..no way in hell.

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