Aug 13, 2007

Turdblossum..The man, the myth...

The rancid bag of batshit...that is...Karl Rove. He led the charge that saw America becoming a warmongering, selfish, over-indulgent shell of it's former self. We borrowed millions to wage holy wars for The laugh is pure irony at the thought of what Democracy has become with Karl Rove writing the scripts and talking points.

Rove didn't make policy..he just spun it for BushCo. He was the fixer, he got the word out and tried to always put a decent spin on it..even if it meant saying the same damn things over and over and...over. He politicized Departments that had never experienced that level of party politics just to do their friggin jobs.

Now, he will write a book, become rich and speak to us only if we pay him to. Hopefully the final chapter will show that Rove failed and the Great Republican monarchy he tried so hard to help build...will crumble into a steaming pile of mierda in the next election cycle. Here is hoping America will make a left turn into the middle and walk away from the abyss that Rove helped create.

One can only hope this spin-meister won't be able to spin the historical perspective of George Bush's presidency.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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